Friday, May 7, 2010

My May Flowers

I want to share my May Flowers - thanks to our April Showers!!!

These vines were planted over a year ago and look at them now. We used to have the blue jade on our old fence and had to pull them out, but missed them so much got some cuttings of the red and the blue jade vines for our trellis over the garage.

Beautiful! This is a sign that summer is near!

April Showers/May Flowers

This is the theme of art@town's new installation by Bradley Capello. May Flowers are the result of our seasonal rains of Springtime.

A collage installation illustrating the seasons and incorporating the romantic narratives of flowers. The work is comprised of sumi-e ink brush and tempera paintings that have been dismantled and converted into decals, and photographs of native flora taken in the artist's garden or while on treks in the mountains or at the seashore.

Please join us tonight for the opening reception from 10pm to Midnight. Go to First Friday in Chinatown and close your evening at town for some light pupus and a night cap.