Saturday, January 7, 2012


This year surely went by fast.  I know we always say that every year, but it did this year.

The year began with a couple of tsunami warnings and a huge message that life is really precious and short.  With the earthquakes in Japan and the many lives lost, we here in Hawaii had to really think about our own destiny.  What if?

My family went through my sister's experience with cancer.  She went through chemo in January and her surgery in February.  Her recovery was positive & steady.  She is now back at work and free of cancer.  With her faith in God and determination to fight this, she was able to overcome cancer.  Evelyn is a great example of strength and positivity.

My mom is the firecracker she always is.  But I can tell that she is slowing down a bit and still needs some encouragement to keep active and positive.  I really give her a lot of credit to keeping strong after my dad's and brother's passing and keeping herself as together and beautiful as ever.  But of course, that means that she is that harder on me too.  Oh well.

My sons and their families continue to grow and mature.  Keola made a decision to go back to college and finish up what he started years ago.  He gave himself one year to do it and he did.  In June, he graduated from the University of Hawaii in Manoa.  Keola's sons, Moses is 6 and Shayden 5.  Keleko's son, Elijah turned 7 and daughter Kalena 2.  I am a proud mother and grandmother.

In August, I moved from Wilhelmina Rise to Manoa.  Downsizing 3/4ths of my belongings was a feat, but very gratifying.  The realization that material things really don't define oneself, but ones actions and the impressions you make do.  I am really enjoying my time in my new space.  I have landlords that are family to me.

Three of my closest friends lost their jobs this year and are making the best of their situations.  I really don't know if I could've handled something like that the way they all did.  Being positive and staying true to looking for something that makes their heart sing.  Hang tight!  I want to find a job that makes my heart sing and also compensates for what I bring to the table this coming 2012.

I have to say that this was a year full of challenges and changes, but also a year of many celebrations.  I thank the Lord for my many blessings and my wonderful friends and family that fill my life with joy, fulfillment and headaches.

Please enjoy some of my pictures of 2011.  Happy New Year!