Thursday, November 4, 2010


Yes....kohlrabi.....what is that?

Here is the Wikipedia definition of kohlrabi -

The first time I had kohlrabi, I thought it was thinly sliced pieces of broccoli stems, because that's exactly how they taste.  Kohlrabi comes in two colors light green and purple.  The bulbest part of the kohlrabi is what is chopped, sliced, diced, cooked or eaten raw.  One might think it is the actual root of the plant, but it is part of the stem.

Do not throw the beautiful leaves away, because it makes a delicious and nutritious sauteed greens - just saute with fresh garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper.  It is a cross between sauteed kale and collard greens - yummy!

For the bulbs, you can slice them really thin and toss in a citrus vinagrette, it's so delightful.  Or you could cook them like you would a radish, turnip and carrot in butter or all together - delightful.  It has a wonderful earthiness and sweetness to it's taste.   Give it a try as one of your Thanksgiving side dishes.