Saturday, September 12, 2009

I am back on-line!!!!

This is very appropriate, because the last post I did was right after the preview of the movie Julie & Julia on July 21st and I just had Chef Mavro's "Julia Child" inspired menu this Friday. I am not going to blog much about it, because my friend Lesa's blog about Chef Mavro's dinner is much more descriptive and informative - she is a much better writer, than I am...."Eatizen Jane".

One sentence about the meal - "the courses were well planned and executed", Julia would be very proud. I enjoyed the meal very much and it really fulfilled my expectations, and has totally heightened my hunger pangs and taste buds. If pictures is worth a hundred words, what does my picture say?

I've been gone from my blog for over a month, for a couple of reasons:
  • my home wifi has been acting up and landlords too slow to fix
  • I've been so busy with work - an event every week since July 15th
  • been also busy getting ready for my "birthday trip" to Espana
I feel these are really good reasons - don't you?

So from today and until my trip from Spain ends in October, I will be blogging about getting ready to go to Spain and while in Spain, about my daily adventures in Spain.

I've been preparing myself for this trip by cooking Spanish, practicing the Spanish language, and watching Spanish travel shows, especially the cooking ones.

So come along for the ride and put your flamenco shoes on!!!! We are on the ROAD TO SPAIN.

nos vamos!!!!


  1. Thanks for the props! Looking forward to all the Spanish news that's fit to print!

  2. Glad you are back. Missed your blog.