Thursday, January 14, 2010

A lot has happen since my last post!

Dear Friends,


I have not been on my blog since November - SORRY!  Lots have happened in my life and I am proud to say all GOOD!

I have a brand new granddaughter, Kalena and she is gorgeous!!!  And a month old yesterday.  I love her so much.  Did not know a granddaughter was going to be different than my love for my grandsons.  No more or less, but different.  Can't explain it, but will try throughout my journey.

And my other change in my life is my new job as Marketing Manager for Whole Foods Market @ Kahala Mall.  It has been such a fresh & wonderful experience.  It feels like the early days of Starbucks Coffee Hawaii and Jamba Juice Hawaii.  I get to work with creative and talented young people and I get be be creative and the best thing of all, I get to work with natural, organic and delicious FOOD!!!  My true passion!!

Today is my day off and I got to have brunch with my dear friend, Tony, and we had a delicious meal @ Downtown @ HiSam.

We shared everything...

started w/ a salad sampler (their salad ASAP bar is unbelievable)
a farro & fennel salad
a cabbage slaw w/ almonds, olives and herbs
a Molokai sweet purple potato salad w/ herbs
and ahi stuffed piquillo peppers....... 

then we shared a bottle of wine from Jumilla, Spain....

for lunch, Tony had a ahi club sandwich
and being that we were on a Spanish theme,
I had the Fideos (a paella dish w/ noodles & a poached egg)

Then for dessert we had an almond cake & gianduia (hazelnut & chocolate) gelato.

Hey, I know it is a little indulgent, but it is my day off and I deserve it!

It's great to be back!!!!!

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