Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Vegetable & Herb Garden @ Home

We've been talking about making a difference in our local food movement here in Hawaii. Buying & cooking local is one of my daily goals, but growing my own food for my household is my ultimate goal.

Herbs was my first attempt and have had success in thyme and rosemary for the past year. Now I am trying flat leaf parsley, basil, dill, chives, sage and cilantro.

Some fruits are doing well - papayas, bananas, tangerines, limes and now lilikoi.

Vegetables are my next challenge. I am trying out some beets and they are doing really well. Now I am waiting on the bulbs to get bigger. Tomatoes are another challenge, because I am in competition with the birds and the insects.

All of these vegetables and herbs are organic, I have not used any pesticides or artificial products, so it is a daily routine of maintenance and tender loving care. I really have a lot of respect for our local farmers. The money we are paying for fresh, local & nutritious vegetables is really worth their passion & hard work.

This is just the beginning of my garden. My next attempt will be my favorite vegetable - KALE!

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