Friday, May 4, 2012

Eating Vegetarian on Vacation

I just came back from a vacation in San Francisco with some of my friends.  All of them carnivores.  Yes, this was a challenge, but not a defeat.

I went into this challenge with the idea that I might have to cave-in to eating meat and I have to say I did, only 2% of the time on vacation.  So I made it a 98% vegetarian vacation.  So out of 18 meals, 3 of my meals had a small percentage of meat, but mostly vegetables.  You don't want to be rude when eating at someone's home.

The main thing is stay strong and don't let the negative looks and comments make you weak!  Stay strong!  Most of my friends were supportive about my new lifestyle, but it is difficult when you have to be sensitive to someone's eating limitations.

Three things to consider:
  • Eat at restaurants & joints that serve vegetable options and they all seem to have something you can eat.  Even at a restaurant we ate at for Sunday Brunch called "The Pork Store" had an awesome vegetarian menu.  Tofu seems to be on a lot of restaurant menus now.
  • Ask the waiter if the chef would make a vegetarian entree and they will 99% of the time.
  • Stay at a vacation rental that has a kitchen, so you can cook some of your meals and prepare some vegetable snacks to carry in your bag.
Eating vegetarian on a vacation is a must, because you do not want to weigh yourself down on heavy meals when you are sightseeing.

I have a list of delicious vegetarian friendly restaurants in San Francisco:
  • Starbelly - the chef made me a mouthwatering roasted vegetable combo over polenta
  • Beretta - the fava bean spread on a toasted crostini was divine, salads all delicious, and the burrata margarita pizza memorable
  • Marcello Pizzeria - the pesto white pizza w/ meatballs (take off the meatballs, if you can)
  • Poncho Villa Taqueria - the mushroom quesadillas were to die for and the tofu tacos yummy
  • Slanted Door's "Out the Door" at the Ferry Building - the curry tofu w/ brown rice was tasty
  • Academy Cafe at the California Academy of Science Museum - the curry cauliflower w/ tofu and  grilled asparagus
I usually gain weight on my vacations, but this time I did not.  Not to forget to add a lot of walking to your itinerary!  You got to incorporate some exercise...

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