Sunday, August 16, 2020

Organization during a Pandemic

I wrote this post when we first were in quarantine in the beginning of April.
This might come into good use for this second round of quarantine.


Monday, April 13, 2020

Keeping order in a new life of uncertainty.  

These are activities I am doing to keep me focused on my personal growth & personal living,
while the #stayhome order is in effect.

Fact, this came after 2 weeks of winging it and a lot of television news, Hallmark, & Netflix,
while laying on my couch!  I needed to do something to get out of my funk.  

Also, when are we gonna have this kind of time again?  Hopefully not too soon.

These are guidelines I use to keep myself focused and organized. 
I am sharing this because it might help you, as it has helped me.

First -
I start my day by focusing on my physical health - floor exercises and stretches
(while watching the news, both local & international news.  Then take my medications and vitamins. 
And finally ESPRESSO!  Then breakfast.

Breakfast consists of either oatmeal with nuts & banana, energy bar, avocado toast w/ dukkah,
or a kale/spinach omelet, depending on what is available in the refrigerator.

Second -

I make a list of business & finance items I need to complete for that day with a maximum time
limit for each item:

  1. Work assignments (2 hours)
  2. Finances & Personal Business (1-2 hours)

Business & Finance Health -

Work on projects for my consultant business.

-Check on my unemployment status.  Be persistent and try different times of the day,
when you cannot get on-line or calling.

-Call every credit card and bank, to get a lower interest rate and/or deferred payment plans.
Write out a paragraph you are going to say on the phone call, so you stay focused.

-Skip or cancel subscriptions. Ask yourself, “Do I really need or use this subscription?”

Have a snack!  After a couple of hours working, you need a snack.  My go-tos are roasted nuts,
cut veggies (celery, broccoli, cauliflower), or a healthy crunchy snack (popcorn, pita chips, tortilla chips). 
Use a small bowl, and do not eat right out of the bag.  It limits over eating from the bag.

Lunch is usually a salad with either a hard boiled egg, tuna, or turkey.  Or a kale, banana,
peanut butter, non-dairy smoothie.  If I do not have either, I eat leftovers from the night before.

Third -
After lunch I usually pick 2-3 of the following activities.  Change it up daily to keep it fun!

Physical Health -
  • Health Maintenance Follow-Up with Primary Doctor (on-line)
  • Diet/cooking - cookbooks & magazines that focus on plant-strong recipes
  • Exercise - whatever works in your current living space - floor exercises & walking works for me
  • Health education - reading books & magazines to broaden your knowledge

Mental Health -
  • Coloring - coloring books
  • Meditation - apps like Headspace & Calm are useful
  • Cleaning/decluttering - keep your living spaces clean & organized
  • Gardening - repotting overgrowth plants 
  • Fun/Laughter - I watch shows that make me laugh - Modern Family, Queer Eye
  • Cry - I watch shows that make me cry - P.S. I Love You, Queer Eye

Brain Health -
  • Vocabulary growth - learning new words to use in your everyday life
  • Language growth - learn another language
  • Motivational growth - using established programs #oprahs2020visiontour
  • Inspirational growth - praying

Imagination Health -
  • Escaping - READ!!!
  • Travel books/magazines/videos

Relationship Health -
  • Texting, FaceTime, Calling
  • Writing cards & letters
  • Social Media posting
  • Birthday Cards
Cooking -
  • Try new recipes, cultural recipes
  • Watch cooking videos

Dinner is the main meal of the day.  I’ve been using different recipes everyday, to keep things interesting. 
My go-to recipes are: chicken soup with green papaya or chayote, ground turkey lasagna, spicy ramen,
pork w/ green beans, bolognese on spaghetti, pork with white squash & long rice, Thai chicken curry,
meatloaf w/ mushrooms, etc.  All meals always include a green leafy vegetable side - kale, spinach,
collard greens, bok choy, choi sum, ong choy, etc. 

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