Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Eat Local Challenge - August 8 to 15

The Eat Local Challenge!

Kanu Hawaii is challenging people across the islands (and their members across our islands, our country and our world) to Eat Local during the week of August 8 to 15. To join the campaign and take the Eat Local Challenge, they are asking people to commit to at least one of the following actions and to report back afterwards about what they learned from the experience:

· Eat Local Week. Eat strictly local for the whole week of Aug 8 to 15 (all local grown produce, or items made from all local-made ingredients)

· Eat Local Day. A slightly less strenuous alternative: Eat all local, breakfast lunch and dinner for 1 day on August 15.

· Participate in a “smart mob” of a local producer/retailer on Saturday August 8, where we will buy together (options will be posted soon)

· Throw an Eat Local party where you make a meal made from all-local ingredients during the weekend of Aug 15-16 and share with friends.

If you aren’t sure about whether an item is “local” or not (e.g., should locally manufactured tofu considered ‘local’? Or, locally brewed beer?), post your question in the discussion space of the Campaign prior to Eat Local Week. It’s okay if we make some mistakes…the point is not to get it perfect (though of course, we should try). Rather, the point is to be challenged, share info, and learn together. We will become aware of the difficulties of eating local, the importance of local food sources, and what changes need to happen in order to make our food supply more sustainable and secure.

Any actions you commit to, please also submit a photo or testimonial to kanuhawaii by email or in your own personal journal (which can be found under the “My Pages” tab on kanuhawaii.org, when you are logged in as a member), telling us what you’re learning, what’s hard or easy, etc. Good luck and good eating!


  1. My wife chronicled her experience with the eat local challenge in 2008. Check out the blog for great pictures and day by day accounts: http://blog.shareyourtable.com/search/label/eat%20local%20challenge and her article on the whole thing in the weekly: http://honoluluweekly.com/restaurants/2008/10/local-girl/