Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Perfect Fried Egg

While vacationing in Spain, I discovered the perfectly cooked "sunny side up" fried egg.  I thought it was those happy healthy Spanish hens, but I found out it was the secret steaming part of the cooking process.

It is so simple, but I never knew.

Crack your cage-free hen egg into a hot oiled skillet.

After the edges have turned golden brown, add a teaspoon of water onto the side of the partial fried egg.  The water will start steaming, then cover for approximately one minute.  This will cook the top of the egg to it's perfect doneness.  This is the secret part.

Take cover off and cook for another minute and plate.  Preferably served on a bed of sauteed greens and toasted bread.

Enjoy the perfectly cooked fried egg.  YUM!  The secret is out.....

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