Friday, April 17, 2009

Olive Tree Cafe - a constant friend

Tonight after my boot camp workout, I called a friend that I had not connected or seen for a couple of weeks and invited her out to dinner and the question is always - WHERE?

Olive Tree Cafe - my old faithful, old friend, old constant friend. I can't remember when I first had Savas' menu of souvakis, but I know it was on Ala Moana Boulevard and from a little hole in the wall (really!) under an apartment building and it was just a take out menu.

The story is Savas was assaulted, stabbed and robbed, so he closed the business. Then went into business with a couple of friends and opened the Mad Greek in the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center a couple of years after the incident. Then that closed and he opening the Olive Tree Cafe in it's current location (it used to be a Penquin's yogurt place). I probably have some of this wrong, but I think it is pretty close.

Olive Tree Cafe is so consistent in their food and service, that every single time I eat here, and that's alot and often, but sometimes I have long periods of time when I forget to eat here - I get the same delicious, tasty, fresh, hot, no bullshit, awesome food and service.

Tonight we started with the Tabouli with fresh parsley, lemon, tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, bulgar - nutty citrusy garlicy properly seasoned salad and an order of mussels ceviche with ginger, capers, lemon, olive oil, garlic?, greek cheese, awesomely delicious - yummy!!!! The mussels are never tough or chewy, moist and mouth watering.

And for my entree I had what I always get, because I never want to not have it, their Shaorma (ground lamb pattie) w/ onions & tomatoes with a tanini sauce and a beautiful Greek salad with a dressing that everyone in Honolulu wants to recreate or steal the recipe. The lamb patty was moist, perfectly seasoned with Greek seasonings and grilled to perfection. The tahini sauce is another sauce that everyone wants to recreate or steal the recipe. And believe me I have tried with no success.

The dinner and company was perfect as always. The staff know me by name and always make me feel @ home and welcomed. Busy or not too busy, everyone gets the best food and service. I love this restaurant and I love Savas the owner, because he too is consistently friendly and kind.

Rating 5+ all around

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  1. And can you believe I didn't take pictures?! Dinner and the company were great as always. Everytime I have the mussels I remember how truly delicious they are!