Thursday, April 16, 2009

"wine down wednesdays" @ town

First, I want to apologize to all of my followers, because I have not blogged for awhile, I've been so busy being busy. Please don't leave me.

We took a break from wine and had cocktails tonight!!!!!

Here is what we had:
  1. rum mixed with hibiscus and a splash of milk w/ jerk chicken - the spices of the jerk went well with the hibiscus sweetness and the nuttiness of the rum
  2. bloody maria, a bloody mary with tequila w/ carne asada, avocado, fennel, onions, cilantro and lime, on a homemade torilla - I normally don't like bloody mary's, but was perfect with the soft taco
  3. house-made gin & Fever Tree Tonic w/ grilled Lanai venison & a farro salad - my favorite because I am a gin drinker, the gin had cardamon, juniper berries and some other spices and the tonic was from India, so I loved it - the venison lean and tender and the farro salad, nutty & lemony - lovely
  4. almond sazerac, a blend of different liquors w/ brown-butter almond financier, my favorite dessert with a grappa tasting liquor, did not taste the almond in the sazerac, but for some strange reason, they worked well together, or maybe I was just a little to tipsy
My recommendation to the restaurant was not to do a cocktail tasting on a Wednesday, because I have to work the next morning and do it on a Friday night. Fun night with my friends, we got so giddy and sassy.

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