Thursday, February 19, 2009

2009 New York City Winter Restaurant Week

Monday, January 26, 2009

Breakfast - no breakfast

Lunch - Kittichai
(60 Thompson Street/SOHO)
Papaya Salad
Roast Pork/Pork Sausage
Jasmine Crème/Jasmine Ice Cream

Food - 5
Service - 5
Ambiance - 5

I really loved every moment I was in this restaurant. Yes, I am partial because of the East Asian decor and food. The restaurant is clean, fresh, bright and a delight to the eyes. Autumn colors in the raw silk curtain walls and dark bali wood furniture. It did have a Japanese restaurant feel to it...the cleanliness of it.

The food had a creative twist to the traditional Thai usuals. The portions huge and tasty. The dessert was the winner, it was like eating a pikake mousse, even though it was jasmine. Loretta and I had a wonderful lunch. She will be bringing her husband back.

Dinner – Joy of Sake Aftertaste @ Sumile Restaurant (12th & 9th)
50 sake tastings
Sashimi – maguro

This was very interesting, a sake tasting in NYC. I did feel a little left out, since I did not know anyone there and being by myself. I did get a chance to meet some really nice women that love to drink sake and the NYC planner for the event. The sushi bar was a small restaurant with a bar and 5 tables. The sake tasting was in the back private room. The food was demolished as soon as it got out. So with all the sake tasting and little food, I was pretty drunk, by myself, in New York City....scary!!!!

I had a dinner reservation at WD-50 and decided to take the bus uptown, but did not pay attention and took a downtown bus. I did not realize that I was on the wrong bus until the bus driver as all to get off the bus, because it was the end of the line. Which was Battery Park by ground zero at 9pm. And when I mean all, I was all that was left on the bus. I asked if the bus turned around and went back uptown, but she said that I would have to take the bus across the street. Because I was the only one on the street, I jumped on the next bus that came and just wanted to get closer to uptown. 3 buses later I made it to where I needed to be. I was not myself after that experience, but I am a trooper and decided to stay on schedule.

Dinner – WD-50 @ the bar
Since I had missed my reservations, I decided to have a drink and an appetizer at the bar. Red wine and corned duck on a rye crisp...good but not memorable.
I had heard all the hipe about this restaurant and was not too impressed. Needed a refresh and I just was not in the mood. I will have to give it another chance, the next time I am back in NYC.

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