Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Week 2 - On the Road Fitness Plan

Here is my update on last week's experience:

I started Felix's "On the Road" fitness program last week Tuesday, on the road to Maui...  True test!  Because my flight was at 5am, I had to do my exercise at the end of my day, which is really hard because I just want to eat and sleep after a 12 hour day.  Because the exercises are fun and short, it was doable - thanks Felix!  The exercises got my heart rate up and I did start sweating.  And most important, I can do this!  The rest days are my favorite.

Finding a daily routine and doing the fitness part in the morning is desirable, but with this program, just doing it is better than nothing.

The nutrition part of this program is a huge challenge when you are on the road.  If there are natural food stores close by, it makes it so much more easier.  When you have a business lunch or dinner, pick a restaurant that offers more of a vegetarian fare, but don't be that person that substitutes everything....I refuse to be that person.  Sticking to the side veggie dishes and ordering a couple of sides is a good meal.  Maui was a good destination for eating out, but the Big Island was a little more challenging.  The distance between the towns made it much more harder to find stores or restaurants with the vegetarian and lean proteins I was looking for.  So purchasing cut veggies and nuts (but not too many nuts), for the road trip is best.

I don't have to travel this week, so I am meeting with Felix to go over last week and to go over my exercises with him.  He will be checking on my form and movement with each exercise.  His feedback is crucial and keeping me accountable is key!

Week Two!  Here are the exercises....

Day 8: Perform five rounds of:
  • 5 push ups
  • 10 sit ups
  • 20 mountain climbers (To begin with, each step can be counted as one. If you are up to it, count two steps (step left + step right) as one rep. These will get your heart rate going.)
Rest 60-90 sec in between rounds.

Day 9: Rest

Day 10: Repeat from Day 1
(see last week's post for these exercises)

When I am not traveling, along with these exercises, I will be doing my usual walks and swimming sessions.

Don't forget to take those moments of magic during your day.....

See you next week at my next update!  Stay consistent and focused!

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