Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week Three - On the Road Fitness Plan

Note to self - meet with your personal trainer, in person, before starting any fitness plan!!!   
It was not his fault, because I insisted that he give me a schedule before we personally met.  

(Oh and do not have 2 bottles of sake with girlfriends the night before your personal workout session!)  I surely PAID for it!

Well, even with videos to show me "how to" correctly do these exercises, I was doing them wrong.  During my 1 hour workout session with Felix on Friday, he was able to show me warm-up routines, proper form for all of the exercises in the plan, offer new exercises, and test my mobility and stamina.  Note: The 2 bottles of sake really came back to visit and affected my stamina!  Damn!

Having a personal trainer shows you the "how to" and "how much to".  For me it is really important to get feedback and it is so beneficial for my results.  Felix pushed me during the exercises, to show me how to push myself, when he is not around.  Yes, there were times, during the workout, that I stood there and looked at him with the "stick eye", but with his encouragement and support, I pushed along.  (Swearing at him under my breath - nah!  Yes.)

Felix truly understands that I cannot totally change my lifestyle of eating, socializing and exercising. He is supportive and always there to suggest solutions.  Accountability!  Felix calls me periodically to check up on me and to see how I am feeling and how my eating is going...accountability!  And honesty is key!

I love his style of personal training....it is really individualized and realistic to someone's life.  Thank you Felix and I love you for your flexibility and patience with me and my craziness.

See you next week!

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