Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cream Pot for breakfast

My friends and I went to the KCC market for our produce shopping and are always stumped on where to go for breakfast. Because as you know I always choose Hau Tree Lanai, but they wanted something and someplace different.

We tried the Cream Pot on the block of Ala Wai, McCully and Kalakaua, facing the Ala Wai.

Okay, the decor is cute, in a Ross' kind of way, but very clean and in that kind of weird way - inviting. I know I am contradicting myself.

I ordered baked eggs with bacon, because the last time I had that dish was in Paris and I remember a wonderful cafe out on the sidewalk in the middle of these tiny streets - people laughing, drinking pastis and coffee and the food mesmerizing.

Awwww, this was not the place I was going to experience that scene again. Hey, but what do I expect, we are in Hawaii.

The potatoes and bacon under my baked eggs were drenched in bechamel, so the potatoes and bacon were soggy, but I have say tasty. My coffee was ........ okay. One of my friends order French toast with bananas - it was drenched in this thick caramel sauce - my teeth hurt after taking a bite. Not good. We should have ordered a crepe, but I was scared, just because. And the chairs were uncomfortable.

But I did have the best view in the whole place, it was overlooking palm trees and the Ala Wai Canal through sheer white curtains. I kept on telling myself to "use your imagination Natalie!"

I wish I was at Hau Tree Lanai. I would not come back to the Cream Pot and spend another $20 for breakfast. SORRY. You have been warned.

Ambiance - 2
Food - 2
Service - 3


  1. Cream Pot has been on my list to visit, but now I'm not so sure. If I'm paying $20 for breakfast, it had better be exceptional.

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