Saturday, March 21, 2009

town @ the bar

Have you ever found yourself by yourself and hungry, but don't want to go home to eat and most especially eat by yourself - wait that's me most of the time. Not.

Well, the next time that happens to you - think town. In Kaimuki on 9th and Waialae.

If you sit at the bar, you are never by yourself. You notice I will never say the word "alone", I refuse, because you may think I mean lonely.....never.

You will be helped by Jenn, Ian or Dave at the bar, depends on what day it is. But whoever is at the bar, you will be treated like their best friend or even better - family. It is the best neighborhood joint a neighborhood could have. I really don't have to talk about the food there, because it is the best sustainable, organic, local, handmade, clean, delicious, flavorful, creative, traditional, eclectic, comfortable food you will have.

I fell in love with Ed & Dave's food over 4 years ago....and love it even more today.

Their wine selection, extensive for such a small establishment, a wine for everyone is there. And their cocktail creations are so innovative and tasty.

town is celebrating their 4th year anniversary next week. You guys did it. Love you.

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