Friday, March 20, 2009

Mariposa @ Neiman Marcus for lunch

I think Mariposa might be the best place for a long lunch with a good friend. Today, I had an opportunity to have a lunch filled with catching up with a best friend, that I have not seen for months and visiting from New York City, endless fluffy and tasty popovers with Kula Strawberry butter, delicious clear consomme and mouthwatering wild rice risotto.

Service was very attentive, but not obnoxious. The popover boy was the best, he knew we loved them and right before we left our table, he brought both of us 2 popovers to take home for a snack - love that young cute man.

The weather was not cooperative, but still beautiful and inviting. Prices a bit high for the current economy, but for a special friend and impeccable service, why not.

Rating 4.5+

1 comment:

  1. Wow, they still do those popovers? I used to work at NM back around 1989, in CA. We used to get popovers and eat them in the breakroom in the back. Love the strawberry butter.