Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Wine down Wednesday @ town"

Northern Italy - wine expert Mark Lloyd

Since we loved the Italian wines from last week, we decided to stay in Italy - Northern Italy to be exact, way north of Venice - in Veneto.

Here is the line up of wines and food pairings:

Vignalta "Sirio", Dry Muscat
MA'O farms vegetables, bagna cauda

Allegrini, Soave
grilled walu, preserved lemon butter

Allegrini, Valpolicella
hawaiian wild boar sausage, smashed ena potato

Vignalta "Venda", Merlot/Cab Franc
kulana beef tenderloin, alii oyster mushroom

I felt that all of these wines were wines that were meant for food. They did not have much character and flavor on their own, but with food - magnificent. I liked the Valpolicella the best with the wild boar sausage...fruit forward, black berries and butter. So with the wild boar sausage & Italian spices, it rounded the wine off to a full balanced feel and taste in your mouth. Yummy!

After all of these wine tastings on Wednesdays, since August, I am finally understanding what and how wine & food compliment each other and also when they don't.

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