Monday, May 2, 2011

Day #3 Engine 2 Challenge

I have to say that being able to go to Whole Foods to purchase my E2 approved food is making this challenge so much more easier for me.

Had a pretty boring day of eating, but was put in a really challenging (I think that is why it is called a challenge).  I had a meeting at Ruth Chris Steakhouse at Restaurant Row.   The women other women at the meeting, had already ordered the "happy hour" pupus - sashimi, fried calamari, grilled shrimp and cocktails.  When it is happy hour the pre-selected pupu menu is also special priced.  Since I could not purchase anything on the happy hour menu, I had to order off of the regular menu.  So the only thing I could eat and wanted to eat, was a chopped salad without the egg, bacon, fried onions and dressing.  I also ordered steamed asparagus for some substance.  Can you believe that my salad and a glass of wine was more than the other women paid for their pupus and more than a couple of drinks.

Breakfast - Rip's Big Bowl from Whole Foods Market Kahala
Lunch - Salad - lima beans, kale, quinoa and E2 pizza - whole grain dough, tomatoes, spinach, onions
Dinner - went out to a meeting dinner at Ruth Chris - chop salad w/ steam asparagus
Dessert - E2 chocolate mousse w/ bananas

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