Monday, May 2, 2011

Day #7 Engine 2 Diet

It is my day off again and went to Zumba with Charles.

Today is May Day and invited to a Hawaiian Luau themed lunch at Darlene's house.  So I needed to cook something in that theme, because I knew that they would not have much that I could eat.  They served great food like poke (6 different types), lau lau, steamed mahi mahi with a creamy mushroom sauce, lomi lomi salmon, fried chicken, fried rice, fruit salad, sweet potato and poi.  The only items I could eat was the fruit salad, sweet potato and poi.  So I brought 2 dishes that were E2 compliant.

I made a luau made with collards, onions, garlic and light coconut milk.
Here is the recipe:
2 bunches of organic collard greens
1/2 cubed white onion
4 cloves garlic
water to saute onions and garlic
1 can of light coconut milk

And also made another vegetable stew with the extra vegetables I bought from last night's stew.  Lunch was so substantial that I did not even think of cheating.

The night before I soaked some dry black eyed peas & cooked them before my Zumba class, so Bob made a bean spread with the peas, roasted red peppers, garlic, lemon, cumin, salt, pepper and cayenne pepper and water.  The spread was delicious and perfect for a pupu, even the others enjoyed it.  I think?

Happy May Day!

For my evening dessert I made a decaf mocha affogato - espresso, mocha powder and a scoop of coconut milk cream with strawberries.

Breakfast - decaf soy cappuccino
Lunch - black eye pea spread with Wasa light rye crackers, ogo salad, vegetable stew, collard greens, fruit lomi, poi, sweet potato, and papaya salad.
Dinner - left over chili w/ brown rice and vegetable stew
Dessert - decaf espresso, chocolate, coconut milk cream with strawberries

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