Monday, May 2, 2011

Day #6 Engine 2 Diet

Here are the three cereals I mix to make my own Rip Breakfast Bowl:

I had plans to have dinner at a friends house and the theme was Filipino food.  So I made an E2 version of a Filipino eggplant stew called Pinakbet.  It has ginger, onions, kabocha, eggplant, tomatoes and wing beans cooked with some water.

For dessert, I grabbed a frozen pre-made gluten and dairy free cake and put the E2 Chocolate Mousse and fresh strawberries on top.

Breakfast - homemade cereal
Lunch - leftover dahl and vegetable curry from Weds. dinner
Dinner - vegetable stew with kabocha, eggplant and wing beans
I had to have a Filipino dish my friend Bill made it was made of eggplant, battered in egg (yes, I did cheat).
Dessert - gluten and dairy free cake w/ chocolate mousse and strawberries

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