Thursday, May 5, 2011

Week 2 - Day #10 Engine 2 Challenge

Okay, it is getting a little boring for breakfast and lunch.  Had my homemade Engine 2 Big Bowl Breakfast and for lunch leftover lentil soup and kale salad with fig balsamic dressing.

For dinner I decided to make my version of a bibimbap with a Thai influence.

I made the peanut/almond/tofu sauce for my quinoa pasta with three vegetable sides - sauteed carrots with thyme, sauteed mushrooms with onions, garlic and white wine and sauteed garlic kale.  Bob came by and brought his tofu in 5 spice.

All of the vegetable dishes started with onions in a very dry & hot pan, then vegetable broth and at this point lower the heat and cook for a minute, and finally add main vegetable ingredient with seasonings.

When heating the peanut/almond/tofu sauce (see previous entry for recipe), in a large saute pan heat some vegetable broth with some of the liquid in the mushrooms.  Add 1 cup of tofu sauce whisk and then add the cooked quinoa pasta.  I would've added green onions, if I had some.  This is so creamy and delicious - with no dairy!

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