Monday, May 2, 2011

Day #4 Engine 2 Challenge

After last night's experience of eating out, it is always better and cheaper to make you own and cook your own meals on this challenge.

So this morning instead of purchasing the E2 cereal from Whole Foods Market Kahala, I bought 3 different types of approved cereals and made my own Rip Breakfast Bowl.

For dinner, I had dinner plans at a friends house, so I decided to cook something to bring.  And Bob my friend who is also on this Challenge made a Vegetable Curry Recipe and Grilled Curry Tofu compliant to the E2 guidelines.  I made a Red Lentil & White Bean Dahl, a recipe that I previously have made with Ghee (clarified butter).  Please see my previous recipe post on my Indian Dahl.

So instead of the clarified butter to saute the onions, I just used vegetable broth to saute the onions and used everything else on in my recipe. 

For dessert, I went home and had my vanilla soy yogurt and said no to the triple layer Chocolate Mousse Cake.

Breakfast - made my own cereal using all of the E2 approved cereals
Lunch - left over nut pasta and white bean salad
Dinner - vegetable curry and lentil/white bean dahl
Dessert - vanilla soy yogurt

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