Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Week 2 - Day #14 Engine 2 Challenge

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Today, was a pretty boring day, but learned that Zippy's has a couple of vegetarian options. 

For breakfast, I stuck with the Rip Big Bowl Breakfast at home with a banana - I am getting pretty tired of this but it does keep me pretty full until lunch.

Since it's Mother's Day, my sister took my mom and I to Zippy's because it wouldn't be as busy as the fancy restaurants.  She was wrong, everyone was at Zippy's for Mother's Day.  I went in thinking that I would be eating a salad with no dressing, but they had a tofu patty sandwich on a whole wheat bun.  I ordered it with extra mushrooms and no mayo with a side salad.  I have to say that the sandwich was pretty good.

I had to work for a couple of hours, but got to go home and spend the afternoon doing nothing, so I decided to bake myself a Mother's Day Engine 2 Dark Chocolate Brownie....no oil, no eggs.  I got the recipe from the E2 book and instead of oil I used applesauce and instead of eggs I used Ener-G an egg substitute mixture of tapioca flour and other binding ingredients.  It was an easy recipe and delicious.  Moist and very chocolaty.  Next time, I would add more applesauce and less time in the oven.

YUM!  Happy Mother's Day to me.

For dinner, I decided to have leftovers, salad and lentil soup with kabocha.

Breakfast - Rip Big Bowl Breakfast and a soy cappuccino
Lunch - Tofu patty sandwich on whole wheat
Dinner - Salad and Lentil soup
Dessert - E2 Dark Chocolate Cake

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  1. Fellow E2 dieter here. Can you get the recipe for the stuffed peppers that was described at Monday's meeting?