Sunday, May 3, 2009

JJ Dolans - great place for a beer and pizza

I was invited to my friends birthday party and it was at JJ Dolan's in Chinatown. I never heard of this bar before and had to ask a couple of friends. JJ Dolan's opened their doors in November and located on Bethel Street, across the street from Bethel Street Gallery, with the cross street being Pauahi Street.

What a great find. They are the people from Murphy's Bar and Grill on Nuuanu Avenue. It's a local Irish bar with tasty thin crust pizzas and televisions. The pizza menu has predesigned pizzas or build your own. Their red and white pizzas have very tasty seasoned sauces. We had several different ones, but my favorite one had three types of cheeses and anchovies on olive oil with Italian herbs. I am not a beer drinker, but my Guinness was the best pairing for the pizza. Their hours are late, so this is a great place for a late night dinner or snack.

The one thing missing from this meal was a fresh green salad and they do not have any on the menu. The only solution for that is add spinach to your pizza combination.

I'll be back very soon.

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