Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Third Tuesdays @ Tango

Last night was the first of many wine paired/themed prix fixe menus @ Tango. For appetizers we had a trio of smoked gravlax (the best in Honolulu), seared scallops w/ tapenade, and a cream shrimp w/ puff pastry. The smoked gravlax was my favorite - the salmon tasted fresh, perfectly smoked and tender in the mouth and it came with a crispy piece of salmon skin - oh my!!! This was paired with a Monkey Bar Sauvignon Blanc - not my favorite. The wine was a little too green and grassy for my taste.

The dinner entree was a duck confit with a wild mushroom risotto. The confit was delicioso, tender, falling off the bone and the skin crispy. The risotto was creamy and earthy at the same time, al dente, wonderfully cooked. This was paired with a Blackstone Reserve Merlot blend, full bodied, chocolatey & fruity and was great with the entree. I was really surprised with this wine, this is a new category for this winery and brand. Try it, it will surprise you.

The dessert was a cherry/pear crumble w/ ice cream and paired with an ice wine. Crumble & ice cream was okay and the ice wine was too sweet.

All in all the meal was good and what a deal for $35!!!! I would come back, it was a lot of food, great food and great for the pocket too.

Overall Rating - 4

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