Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What is a chayote?

Is it a squash or is it a fruit? It might be both!!!!

Monday night, May 4th, my friend Bill cooked dinner. He made a Filipino stew, similar to Pork Gisantes in taste, but with boneless chicken and chayote (Bill calls it Portuguese Squash). It grows on his lattice as a vine and bares fruit like it was going out of style. Chayote tastes like a cross between a cooked green papaya and a long green squash - I love it. On the vine, it looks like the flower plant in "little shop of horrors", with lips and all.

Bill had strips of fresh garlic, ginger and strips of yellow sweet peppers, fresh diced tomatoes, cubes of chicken and chayote. And all he used for seasoning is salt and pepper. It tasted like there was pimenton in it, but Bill said that the peppers give it that taste.

What comfort food - the combination of peppers, ginger, garlic, tomatoes, chicken and chayote was heavenly and mouth watering. I could not stop eating the stew, so i had to finally walk away from the table.

I took some chayote home and I will let you know what I do with it. Check out this website -

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  1. Stuff it! (The chayote I mean) This was really good: