Sunday, May 10, 2009

Remembering my time in Italy

Not being able to sleep tonight, because of my thoughts of Italy. Have you ever experienced a place that moved you through the connection you made through the people you met, the food you ate, the wine you drank, that came from the earth and hands of the people that currently live and lived there for many years before you were even born. My heart hurts when I think of places like that. Italy was one of those places for me.

The little town of Greve makes my heart yearn, because I can't get that exact experience unless I go back there. Even pictures and memories aren't enough.

From the farmhouse we lived in for two weeks, the vineyards that surrounded the house, the wine and food we bought from the little market in the little town of Greve and the couple we got to know at the market, that sold us the wonderful produce, wine, cheese, bread, truffles, etc.

I guess I will need to start saving money.

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